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Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V. loves working together.
In our view, that means giving everyone the space to do their best. We foster a culture of constructive consultation and communication. With us, talent is given the opportunity to be seen and heard. To be afraid of independent opinion is to be afraid of change. So we are not. The sights are set on the future. We build roofs, develop and maintain for tomorrow. Our independent contractors (ZZP’ers) are as committed to our clients as we are. They are our heroes on the roof and help with projects as needed. You can recognize them by proper company clothing, responsibility for the work, clear schedule to which they adhere, a clean work bus and high service orientation to our client. They work hard and listen to the clients’ needs. The roofing work they perform is according to the latest standards, laws and regulations. Self-employed employees with talent are given the opportunity to be seen and heard with us and thus become part of our team.

Storm beacon for flat roofs

Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V. for durable watertight and insulated flat roofs on houses, apartments and business premises.

The roofing company is run by the
two passionate and talented gentlemen and DGAs;


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Robin Baas
Pieter-Paul Le Noble

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