Quirky, sustainable and innovative solutions for any flat roof

Storm beacon for flat roofs

Le Noble Roofs & Maintenance is the guide and salvation for the flat roof: durable, waterproof and insulated roofs on homes, apartments and commercial properties.
Dry & Warm. That’s all you need to live, work, live well. And that starts with the roof. It’s as simple as that.
Many of our rooftop heroes are young people with a distance from the labor market. These rooftop heroes are given the opportunity to grow and develop.
A better environment, happy people.
Together. That’s what characterizes Le Noble Roofs & Maintenance.

  • Sustainable: we reuse material
  • Innovative: we find new ways to make roofs solid
  • Solution-oriented: we find a method for every situation
  • Creative: we look at everything from different angles
  • Involved: people are the focus, both client and employee, together!
  • Opinionated: we dare to innovate and change

Storm beacon for flat roofs

Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V. for durable watertight and insulated flat roofs on houses, apartments and business premises.

The roofing company is run by the
two passionate and talented gentlemen and DGAs;


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Robin Baas
Pieter-Paul Le Noble

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