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Society continuously in flux. Everything is getting more expensive and prices continue to rise. One solution is to install solar panels to save in costs and receive subsidies.
But what if the roof is not solid enough or suitable?
Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V. has the sustainable solution for converting existing roofs to solid roofs to support solar panels. We innovate flat roofs for Real Estate and other developers. Materials are reused to save costs.
We are a beacon for our people. Sustainability in personnel is our top priority. Young people distanced from the labor market are seen and heard at Le Noble Roofs & Maintenance. Roof heroes and other staff are given the opportunity for personal growth and further development as employees.
A better environment, a satisfied person. Together. That’s what we do it for.
Storm beacon for flat roofs.

Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V., we love to meet with our clients
to provide tailored advice.
You can contact us via our contact form,
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A better environment, a satisfied person. That is our driving force.

Storm beacon for flat roofs

Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V. for durable watertight and insulated flat roofs on houses, apartments and business premises.

The roofing company is run by the
two passionate and talented gentlemen and DGAs;


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