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We are distinctly constructive with each other. For us, that means keeping each other sharp and alert. In management as much as on the construction site and the shop floor. Asking each other for advice or assistance is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength: that of constructive cooperation. Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V. is the place where the talent for roofs meets powerful communication. This is where we imperceptibly complement each other and the two forces come together.

Professionalism is the key to success. Especially in this profession, it is essential to be clear and professional. Working together in roofing craftsmanship is a close listening process. So we make sure people know what they got from Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V.

And we make sure clients understand what to expect from us. We value a distinctly honest and straightforward approach to each other. Both from the clients and from the people with whom they work.

This is us. These are the 2 driving forces behind Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V.

Robin & Pieter

Storm beacon for flat roofs

Le Noble Daken & Onderhoud B.V. for durable watertight and insulated flat roofs on houses, apartments and business premises.

The roofing company is run by the
two passionate and talented gentlemen and DGAs;


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Robin Baas
Pieter-Paul Le Noble

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